Lavender – Culinary And Healing Value

Lavandula Officinalis is developed crosswise over numerous nations around the globe, yet the most elevated quality is gotten from Croatia, from the island of Hvar. Distinctive properties were ascribed to history, and dried blooms were utilized as a part of culinary, medication, body cleanliness, yet additionally as a mysterious methods for good luck.

The imperative pharmacological elements of the lavender are hydroxycoumarins, dark colored fat subordinates and fundamental oil with linalol and linalyl acetic acid derivation. The oil is clear, boring to somewhat yellowish fluid with a wonderful, charming smell because of the camphor present and intense taste. This is progressively utilized as a part of restorative and perfumery creation, yet in addition demonstrates insecticidal activity (against moths), yet in addition in arrangements as an aroma fragrance.The dry flowers are used as rubefaction for functional disorders of the peripheral circulation, in the form of various means of insertion into the skin or as a bundle, in the so-called. baths with lavender (balneotherapy). Because it is used to stimulate the skin and circulation, it is quite effective against hair loss. It has an antiseptic effect, so it is used to heal wounds on the skin, burns and insect stings. It acts mildly sedatively and can be used in migraines, cramps and bronchial asthma. Regular use can reduce acneosis, alleviate depression, but also serve as aromatherapy for relaxation. In folk medicine it is used as a spasmolytic and diuretic.


Most commonly used ready-made accessories for the bathroom, teas, tonics and oils. Especially lavender tea has a relaxing effect. Lavender is even more effective if mixed with chamomile, in equal proportions. Spoon two tablespoons with hot water and leave for ten minutes. It is best to drink three cups a day. As a beverage, put 100 grams of dried flowers in 2 liters of water, leave for five minutes, and then add them to the bath. Bathe for about twenty minutes, half an hour to an hour before bedtime. Undesirable effects are rare, but in some cases, essential oil can cause an allergic reaction. Because it acts sedatively, be careful if you use sedation drugs at the same time.

Notwithstanding being restorative, lavender is likewise utilized as a zest and additive, particularly for fish and meat, and can be added to oil or vinegar for an extraordinary flavor. The English sort has a considerably milder smell from the Mediterranean, so it can be utilized for sweets, creams and cakes.


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