Learn To Distinguish Your Symptoms: Common Cold And Influenza?

Inflammation of flu and colds are completely different types of viruses, so the treatment should be different. But people do not know how to recognize the symptoms, so often the flow of nose and sneezing attribute them to a common cold, and in fact it is a flu and vice versa. Here’s how to properly “read” the symptoms.

Common cold

Symptoms: Nasal spillage, sore throat, sniffling and marginally lifted temperature. You may have been minimized or your work capacity has been broken, yet that does not imply that you are sick with influenza.

Therapy: Take a rest – it will mend you. The icy regularly remembers itself in seven days. “Paracetamol” will help you to dispose of the temperature, and the nasal drops will get your aviation route. To lessen torment in the throat, make a wash with lemon.


Symptoms: High temperature, feeling of yang, muscle hurts, variations from the norm, loss of hunger. You will most likely feel a shortcoming that won’t enable you to get up.

Therapy: Try not to attempt to go to work – remain home and rest. Drink a lot of liquids and eat routinely, regardless of whether you don’t feel the requirement for nourishment and water. Antiviral medications can help you, yet before taking them, counsel a doctor, particularly on the off chance that you have a ceaseless sickness.


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