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The Leek Cleanses The Body, But Also Melts The Calories

The leek is from an indistinguishable group of herbs from onion and garlic, however it has a smoother taste and smell. As indicated by the nutritious sythesis, it is like onion and garlic, yet contains more protein, beta-carotene and vitamin C. From minerals, the leaf is rich in manganese, folic corrosive, press, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and calcium. It has a low vitality esteem, low calorie and in 100 grams of leeks has just 28kcal.

Cooking disturbs the vitamin – mineral creation of the leek, so it is best to eat crisp, for example, plate of mixed greens.

The leaf contains triosulphonates, which, by cutting the leaf, go into sulfides (allicin – dynamic anti-microbial issue), which have an anti-microbial impact.

Alicin acts as a natural antibiotic.

Alicine lessens pulse, decreases cholesterol levels in the blood and fortifies the resistant framework. Consequently, the leek is a characteristic preventive solution against cardiovascular illnesses.

The larva also contains organosulphide components, phytochemicals that, together with some vitamins and minerals, favor health.

It is also rich in essential oils, which increase the secretion of digestive juices and thus improve digestion.

Since it contains a considerable measure of potassium (in 100 grams of 300 mg), and a little sodium (salt), the leek is a solid common diuretic. It expands the emission of liquids and harmful substances through the kidneys. In this way, frequently leeks are suggested for individuals with cardiovascular and renal ailments, particularly for the decrease of swelling.

The emptiness nourishes the skin. The leek soup illuminates the tone. Thanks to the diuretic effect, the leak cleans the body from the pores. It also contains vitamin E and carotene, which are important for healthy, elastic and delicate skin.

Contrasted with all winter vegetables, it contains generally carotene, vitamin C and E, which are most normal in green takes off. It expands invulnerability, helps against colds and contaminations. The herb contains capable cell reinforcements that shield the body from the unsafe impacts of free radicals, which can cause numerous incessant illnesses, including disease. The correct leek is viewed as a characteristic hostile to disease, which helps in the counteractive action and treatment of tumor.

Leaf is a low calorie herb. In 100 grams leeks have only 35 calories. It contains very little fat and sugars, and quite a cellulose, which quickly gives a feeling of satiety. The pectin of the leek makes a protective film of the servant of the stomach.

The leek “melts” the kilograms. It is ideal for maintaining normal body weight, and is also used in diets.

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