Major Alerts That Repot A Heart Attack

It is always important to follow the signals that your body sends to you, especially when it comes to deadly disease, such as a heart attack.

The heart attack does not occur suddenly, but it can be predicted, and the symptoms occur a few weeks before it happens.

  • You are troubled by insomnia and you are feeling fatigued

It can be a warning that the coronary artery narrows down to a large extent. Reduced blood flow to the heart leads to an increased work of the heart pump, which makes us feel exhausted and tired, and even if we cannot fall asleep.

  • Difficulties in breathing

This phenomenon is more common in the female population. The point is that the respiratory and cardiovascular system depend on each other, so when the heart receives less blood, the lungs also have less oxygen. From here and difficulty breathing.

  • Muscle weakness and uncomfortable chest feeling

Because we have a lower blood flow, lack of oxygen, and therefore blood circulation is worse. It causes a weakening of the muscles. The narrower the coronary artery, the flow of blood becomes uneven, and all this is manifested by choking and chest pain.

If you come across a condition to feel all these symptoms in your area, we advise you to contact your doctor immediately to stop the fatal outcome!

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