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Melon : You Know It’s Delicious, But Do You Know What It’s Useful For?

The melon has a critical place and application in people medication. Her organic product, squeeze and seeds are utilized for some medical issues. What precisely is it utilized for?

Against cramps

Mix 2 teaspoons of melon seed with 2 teaspoons of cucumber seed and pour over 6 liters of boiled water. Leave the liquid to stand for two hours, then drain it. Drink 1 lbl before breakfast, 2 lunch before lunch and dinner. The treatment lasts for 10 days.

About the bladder

Blend 2 teaspoons finely hacked seeds, 2 teaspoons of cucumber and 1 teaspoon slashed fruits. Pour 7 liters of  boiled water and leave the blend to remain for two hours. Deplete it and drink no less than 2.5 drops three times each day prior to a feast inside five days.

To strengthen immunity

Juice from melon drained manually or in juicer, mix it with yogurt, honey and lemon juice. Drink one glass, two to three times a day.

Care of dry skin

In freshly squeezed melon juice add an equal amount of milk and rice water. This lotion is placed on the face in the morning and evening. Let it last for 20 minutes, then wash the face with warm water.


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