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With This Mixture You Will Lose 1 cm In The Waist Area Per Day

This mixture is made from horseradish, honey and lemon and is perfect for losing excess pounds and fat deposits on the stomach.

If you have problems with fat deposits in the stomach area, then the solution of the Russian physiotherapist, Irina Stefanovska is perfect for you. She recently shared a recipe for a mixture of horses, which you can lose a day to a centimeter in the waist circumference.

“Thanks to this recipe, according to my data, some women reduced one centimeter per day to the volume of the waist. This balm eliminates excess fat in the body, improves the functioning of the brain, memory, but also hearing and sight, “said Russian physiotherapist dr. Stefanovska.

The main ingredients in this mixture are horseradish, honey and lemon.

Rhane cleanses the body, improves metabolism, reduces fatigue, stimulates the creation and development of good bacteria in the gut, and destroys the bacteria that cause tuberculosis and salmonella.

To make this mixture you need 125 grams of fresh horseradish, 3 unspecified lemons and 3 teaspoons of honey (and honey and lemon are great foods and are particularly useful in the flu season and colds).


Bring the rhubarb with a blender, and then remove the seeds from the lemon and mix it back with the crust in the blender. Then add three teaspoons of honey and mix everything well with the blender. Keep this mixture in a closed container in a refrigerator.


Take one teaspoon of this mixture twice a day before meals. Use it for three weeks and you will see that your results are guaranteed.


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