A New Trend In Nutrition: Chlorella Takes Over The Throne In The World Of Healthy Foods!

The algal chlorella is one of the oldest and best researched organisms on our planet, yet most people have never heard of it. Too bad, because it is worth including this alga in your diet, and once you read about its health benefits, we are sure you will do it.

The name chlorella is a blend of words in Greek and Latin, the importance of which is little, youthful and green. This isn’t astounding in any way, since this alga has a green color, that is, it contains a great deal of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll in this green growth is fascinatingly like blood shade, hemoglobin, and is frequently called “green blood”.


Albeit tiny green growth, chlorella is a genuine енергѕ bomb. It has the most elevated amount of chlorophyll, and additionally the most noteworthy measure of vitamin B12, in blend with numerous proteins, press, beta keratin, folic corrosive, lutein and alpha-linoleic acids. Customary utilization can fortify the insusceptible framework, add to the typical working of the digestion and bolster the sensory system.

Chlorella is becoming increasingly popular on the stage of healthy eating. In addition to its green color, the fermented algae form in the powder version has a healthy fat content of about 50% and is used as a herbal replacement for eggs or butter as well as a vegetarian base.

Would you try it?

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