Do Not Throw The Seeds From The Melons!

The most beneficial piece of the rise typically winds up in the waste container, however in India, melon seeds are the most costly piece of this foods grown from the ground utilized as a part of each home. In the wake of expelling the focal point of the melon, the hairs alongside the seeds are dried on paper, and in the wake of drying, the hairs are isolated from the seeds. After this procedure it is important to wash the seeds well under a solid stream of water, dry them and store them.

Melon seeds are a real miracle and in folk medicine are used to treat bacteria colic, which can cause many problems in the body and is very difficult to eradicate and treat.

Directions: Remove 12 to 15 dried melon seeds from the melon. Place them in a liter of cold water and cook until you get one brown cup of liquid. Every morning, fasting, drink the liquid for at least 15 days.

Melon seeds are rich in proteins, omega-3 unsaturated fats, vitamins and strands. As indicated by conventional Indian medication, melon seeds have a cooling impact and are perfect for eating the late spring.

In India, minced melon seeds are added to lassi (yogurt pot) and thandai (icy drain with flavors), and entire seeds are added to desserts and halva. They are included bread and cakes, yet additionally in cakes and baked goods. They can be eaten as sound bites.


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