Now Is Easy: The Chocolate Against Aging Is Coming

    Scientists have developed a special formula for chocolate that prevents aging.

Thanks to the use of the same antioxidants that make the body and feathers of the flamingos pink, scientists at the University of Cambridge have managed to significantly improve the quality of the skin of the respondents who ate the special chocolate.

Clinical trials have shown that biomarkers in tissues of the skin of fifty-year-olds and sixty-year-olds thanks to this sweet pleasure managed to return to a level characteristic for twenty-thirty-year-olds.

The scientists noted that in volunteers who ate an antioxidant-rich chocolate after four weeks, the circulation was improved, which influenced the improvement of inflammatory processes and increased blood flow to the tissues, which also prevented the onset of pain.

Each cube of chocolate contains 38 calories, experts believe it is also suitable for diabetics. This chocolate will not appear on sale in due time. Scientists plan additional research to make sure of the effectiveness of the formula.

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