Weight Loss

One-Day Diet For Purification And Weight Loss

Diet with milk and green tea is the most popular among those who want to quickly lose weight without having to restore their weight in a few weeks.

The eating regimen keeps going just 1 day, and you can lose half to 2 pounds, that is, dispose of the overabundance liquid gathered in the body.

You ought not utilize this eating regimen for over 1 day, or more frequently than 2 times each month.

Fare thee well on the off chance that you are narrow minded of drain, on the off chance that you have kidney issues or low circulatory strain. In the event that you experience the ill effects of some constant ailment, make certain to counsel a specialist.

What is the beverage preparation?

1.5 liters of fresh milk

2 tablespoons of dried green tea

It is recommended that you buy tea in a herbal pharmacy or health food stores because filter bags do not have the same effect.


Boil the milk, and then cool it to 70 degrees. Add 2 teaspoons of green tea.

It is important that the milk is hot, not just warm or softer when you put the tea in it.

Cover and allow the tea to stand for about 20 minutes, then strain.


You need to drink 1 cup of the drink every 2 hours.

In addition, you should drink about 2 liters of water if you want the effects to be more secure.

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