Perfect Food Medicine Of The 21ST Century

Health from a plate: Beet – a stubborn root that heals!

Old civilizations ate only the leaves of the beets, and they used the root as a cure for headache.

There are many other attractive, tasty fruits, but for the beets it is said that from all kinds of vegetables and fruits, it is the best rejuvenation plant. In the cosmetics industry they use it as a secret favorite, because it contains the necessary ingredients that are effective in refresh and rejuvenation treatments.

Due to the pronounced hyperallergenic properties, the flower is especially welcome for sensitive skin, as a subject of irritation.

The taste is very specific because of the silicon contained in it and together with other micronutrients it offers in a very simple combination.

Silicon contained in the meat does not have the same effect on the body, unlike the beets, because it strengthens the connective tissue and the skin and the walls of the blood vessels.

The other big advantage of the beets is that it exudes the folic acid. The folic acid also participates in the synthesis of red blood cells that bind oxygen from the lungs and transfer it to all the cells in the body.

It has been scientifically proven that the lack of folic acid in our body makes sense of happiness impossible.

The beetroot is rich in potassium and fiber that gives it great detoxification power.

The leaves of the beets are also nutritious because they contain carotene, calcium and iron, and they can be prepared as a substitute for blanc or spinach.

It is a natural remedy against anemia and is a very important product in the diet of vegetarians because it contains a certain amount of cobalt that participates in the creation of B12 vitamins that it has only in products of animal origin.

Specific for the beets is that, while preparing, retains the same taste as it is fresh.

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