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The Peruvian Maca Root Is Extremely Special

    Maca is a root that originates from the highest parts of Peru and grows in extremely cold conditions where no other plant can survive. The root is dried at low temperatures and then milled and sold in the form of a powder.

Due to the great benefits of the organism, it is located in the category of superfluous. It is a natural adaptogen, ie its consumption increases the body’s resistance to stress, anxiety, exhaustion. The root of the complexion contains  amino acids, dietary fibers, essential fatty acids, micro and macronutrients, vitamin C, B2, B3, B6, minerals: calcium, iron, zinc, potassium.


Maca is best known for its ability to regulate hormones. It does not contain hormones in itself, but stimulates the body to produce more or reduce its level. Through its adaptogenic features, it can increase the production of a particular hormone whose level is low, but also have the opposite effect if the level of another hormone in the body is high.

Some of the benefits of consuming maca are:

  • natural aphrodisiac because it increases sexual desire
  • affects the increase in libido, improves sexual function and improves fertility (increases the number of sperm counts)
  • positively affects PMS, reduces menstrual pain and contributes to the regular cycle
  • relieves symptoms of menopause (change of mood, psychological anxiety, depression, heat waves, sweating, osteoporosis)
  • can help reduce the number and severity of migraine headaches by establishing a balance of the level of estrogen and progesterone in the body
  • has a positive effect in cases of depression and anxiety
  • improves immunity and slows down the aging process
  • increases vitality, energy and overall balance


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