Plastic Packaging As A Potential Cause Of Disease

Plastic packaging

New research suggests that diabetes, obesity, heart disease, thyroid dysfunction, and some types of cancer can be associated with certain chemicals that we come to contact almost daily

Are plastic water bottles, food rinses or antibacterials completely safe? Can they cause some diseases?

These are substances that, according to the pharmacologist at Texas University of Austin,  affect the work of hormones. It is about the biphenol, which is contained in the plastic mass that coats the interior of the food and non-alcoholic beverage cans, some cosmetic products and fire extinguishers, and the products used for antibacterial purposes.

The members of the association believe that the relevance of these results is confirmed by the fact that the data come from physicians who treated people with hormonal problems and not from scientists who are dealing with the influence of chemicals in laboratory animals or isolated cells

“Do not heat food or drink in plastic containers!”

-The proof is credible! The chemicals in the products that we use on a daily basis disrupt the work of hormones in a way that is harmful to human health, adding that “hundreds of studies point to the same conclusion regardless of whether it is long-term epidemiological studies with people, laboratory experiments animals or research carried out inside groups of people professionally exposed to the influence of chemicals. ”

Experts warn that the exposure of chemicals that block or disrupt hormone production should be minimized, but also with safety tests, it should be determined whether there are new ones and are excluded from products for everyday home use.

According to Gore, plastic bottles for water and food heating in plastic containers should be avoided, because there is a risk of high temperatures to release chemicals in food, then less to eat semi-finished or ready-to-eat foods in which chemical agents can be found, and instead it is much safer to buy fresh fruits and vegetables.

Disapproval by people from other occupations

The conclusions of the Endocrinologists’ association were expected to trigger a very harsh reaction from the US chemical industry.

-The report is an unfounded thesis on linking diseases and some chemicals, the US Chemicals Council said in a statement – the nation’s largest chemical industry association.

The Council refers to the views of regulatory bodies, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, which does not support the idea that minor disorders in the work of hormones are the cause of health problems.

They also believe that the Association of Endocrinology does not take into account the difference between endocrine-active chemicals, i.e. those that affect the endocrine system and those that disrupt the endocrine system.

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