This Is A Proof That “I CAN” Is More Important Than Your IQ

No doubt most people want to improve their memory and be smarter. People strive for excellence in every area of life, so the power of the brain is certainly one of them. There are several ways in which you can improve the activity of your brain and become smarter. Take a look at these five simple habits that you should apply every day.

  1. Enhance your body rhythm

It’s not about the rhythm of dancing, but about the circadian rhythm. This is the rhythm by which your body naturally wakes up and sleeps. If you change the time you wake up and fall asleep, you can improve the function of your brain. In the morning, when you are exposed to light, the brain sends signals to the body to increase body temperature and produce hormones, such as cortisol. Your body should be awake with the sun, and rest after sunset. People living in the northern areas where they are 24 hours a day or 24 hours a night reported that their watch was drastically changed because they lay down when they were tired and waking when they were not. It turns out that it links with the sunrise and sunset in other parts of the world.

  1. Dietary supplements

A new study has shown that vitamin D, along with omega-3 fatty acids, is important for the synthesis and discharge of serotonin, as well as the function of the brain. In other words, daily consumption of fish oil can help prevent stress, improve brain function and maintain your health. Fish oil is also associated with the production of dendrites, parts of the brain that are associated with neurons. The more dendrites you have, the smarter you are.

  1. Try new things

If you were afraid to try something, but still you did, the excitement made a change in your brain. When you get out of your usual routine and try new things, your brain literally grows and expands to include the new experience. Dr. Duessel explains how new experiences help us:

“When we see something new, we see that it has the potential for a reward. This potential motivates us to explore the prize. The brain teaches that the stimulus, as it is known, has no reward and it loses its potential. Because of this, only completely new things activate the brain section that increases the level of dopamine. “

  1. Practice your brain

If you were ever so tired that you could not mend, you may have to do the same thing to the brain. Of course, training at the gym was difficult, but do not you feel better the next day? When deciding something, like difficult mathematical problems, to “wear out” your brain, you force it to grow. If you feel tired after writing your homework in mathematics with your child, you are on the right track!

  1. Give rest to the brain

Meditation and focusing exercises are great to clear your mind from unnecessary thoughts. If you ever woke up in the middle of the night and you were not able to get back to sleep because of your thoughts, you may need to start meditating on a regular basis to allow for the necessary rest. This is a great way to clear your mind from disturbing thoughts that distract you. About 80% of your decisions are made subconsciously, so your brain needs room for thought.

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