After Reading This You Will Start Crying More Often

Science has found that frequent crying is one of the most important reasons why women live longer than men

The tears chemically contain: Water, antibodies, mineral salts, and lysozyme (antibacterial enzyme – antibiotic)

  1. Tears improve our eyesight/vision

The most basic function of tears is to allow us to see. They not only wet eyes, but also prevent dehydration of the eye membranes. Without this moistening would not be the kind. Without tears, our life would have been different, our eyes would not hurt, and the eyes would slowly disappear.

  1. Tears kill bacteria with the help of lysymium that contain it

Lysosymus is an enzyme (protein) known in Biochemistry under the names Mumramidase or N-acetylmuramide glycanhydrolase. He manages to kill the bacteria by rubbing the bacteria bonds of the cell wall, thus the bacteria content is poured out and the bacteria die at the same moment.

The lysozyme breaks down the bonds of the N-acetylglucosamine bonds of the bacteria. Within 5-10 minutes, the lysosimus killed 95 percent of the bacteria. All those bacteria that come into contact with the eyes daily during work with a computer, driving by bus or washing dishes are successfully removed with tears that have such a structure that they act.

  1. The depth of tears is incomparable!

Even if we have not experienced anything traumatic in our lives, we accumulate little discontent and conflicts daily. They cause chemical changes in the parts of our brain and heart. Crying has a purifying action. It takes our small internal demons out before they grow up and cause bigger problems. During all scientific tests it was concluded that in people who cry the negative effects of stress are reduced. The opposite is also proven, abstention from crying increases the level of stress and stimulates the occurrence of diseases such as high blood pressure, heart problems, and an ulcer in the stomach.

So when you people cry, weep and do not be shy! Nature did not give you vain glaucoma

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