How To Recognize Quality Olive Oil?

The quality olive oil should smell the grass and be bitter to taste.

Oils that do not have a shelf life are most often standing on the shelves, which spoils their taste. As a rule, olive oil should not be older than a year.

When choosing, opt for olive oil with an acidity of not more than 0.5 percent. This will make sure that the olives are processed immediately after harvesting. Quality is recognized and tasted, it should be bitter. But even after the smell, of course, you should feel a strong smell of olives or grass.

olive oil

The biggest enemies of olive oil are heat and light that cause more rapid deterioration. So look for olive oil packed in a dark glass bottle. At home, throw it in a small bottle and store it in the closet away from the stove or any other source of heat and light. Place the rest of the olive oil at a temperature of 14 or 15 degrees.

Plastic is harmful for storing olive oil. So in the selection of quality olive oil, you can move away from here.

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