Remove The Acne With Beer Yeast

Beer yeast is primarily used in the production of beer, but it is also used as an adjunct to daily diet because of the large amounts of vitamin B, as well as many other minerals that are slightly imported through food. These vitamins and minerals, among other things, contribute to more beautiful skin, so beer juice can also be used to relieve acne.

In an American scientist experiment involving 130 people, it turned out that beer’s yeast can help fight them. Even in 80 per cent of patients there was significant improvement or complete removal of pimples. Of course, neither of them can expect miraculous results overnight, in fact, the experiment lasted for five months.

Beer’s yeast can be found in powder form or in the form of tablets. One or two tablespoons of water dissolved in water are recommended if taken as a powder or as many tablets as the pharmacist recommends in the pharmacy.

Also, you can also make a mask against acne. Add one cup of beer yeast in a bowl of water and stir until they are united. Then apply the mixture on the face and wait until it is completely dry. It will harden on your face, so it’s not desirable to talk or to laugh while you wait. When it dries, wipe the face with a cloth.

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