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Serious Consequences Of The Yo-Yo Diets You Need To Look Out For

How many times in your life were you on a diet? How many pounds have you lost? Did those pounds go back again and this happened, in what period of time? When you answer these questions, you will quickly find out if you are a “victim” of yo-yo diets. In fact, it’s about fast and seemingly effective diets, which lose a lot of pounds in a short period, but when you stop them, the lost quickly goes back, so it often comes to accumulating in a larger number than before. Apart from the unwanted return of the kgs, such a way of weakening and re-weighting has both physical and mental hazards to your health.

 The amount of fat that comes back to the body with every unhealthy diet and the return of the pounds increases.

    When a person loses a lot of weight in a short time, he loses his muscle mass along with fat. When the old weight returns again, tends to accumulate more fat than previously, and less muscle mass, and therefore this person becomes thicker than before.

  1. One of the effects of yo-yo diets is the increased desire for oily foods.

    In other words, the body makes it easier to process calories from fat than protein and carbohydrates.

Permanent loss and weight gain, which can last for years, and for some individuals and for decades, can have serious psychological consequences.

    That is, failure to maintain the desired weight can be experienced as a personal defeat. Occasionally, problems can arise with self-esteem, and some individuals may experience depression.

Persons who often lose and receive kilograms also have weakened immunity.

    That is, research shows that women who have tried more than five times to lose weight have about one third of weaker immunity than others. On the other hand, women who have the same, “healthy” weight, for more than five years in a row, have a 40% better immunity than individuals whose weight is constantly changing.

  1. Some recent studies have shown that yo-yo diets can cause a variety of health problems, such as increased blood pressure, increased cholesterol, diabetes, and can occur to cardiac arrhythmias.

Therefore, healthy eating from fresh, untreated and varied foods, cooking at home, or less processed food, sweets and snacks, and regular exercise are the right way for healthy weight loss, which can bring numerous benefits to the body.

Fasting of the body with fast diets brings the body into a “remarkable” state in which the metabolism slows down as it extinguishes or slows down the functions of the organs due to energy savings. When it comes to consuming more food, the metabolism remains slow, resulting in re-accumulation of kilograms.

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