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Why Shouldn’t You Eat Fish On Monday?

After thirty years of experience with cooking and traveling around the world trying different foods, Anthony Bordein has learned what is good and what not when it comes to food.

For instance, with regards to eating at eateries, Anthony Bordein says in his book that he never  fish or any seafood on Monday. This is especially true for sites that are not specialized for such food.

The reason lies in the nature of nourishment – in the event that you don’t eat in a shoreline eatery known for its fish, the odds of getting crisp fish on Mondays are insignificant.

All of this is related to fish markets, which are closed at weekends, and distributors do not deliver during these days.

The freshness of fish and marine items endured around three days, and it is kept in the icebox, so on the off chance that you arrange  fish on Monday you will get sustenances that are no less than three or four days old.

The best days for eating fish and seafood in restaurants, according to Bordeyn, are Tuesday and Thursday.

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