Sitting With Crossed Legs Is Bad For Health

Even if is giving an impression of elegance and femininity, sitting with crossed legs for more than half an hour can cause serious health problems.


A long sitting without a pause is proven to be bad for your health, so if you already have to sit, be careful not to hold your legs crossed for more than half an hour, make breaks for getting up and moving and apply these exercises.

If you sit for a long time with your legs crossed, your blood pressure may increase, even if you have no predisposition to hypertension.

This way of sitting disturbs the circulation. In the blood vessels there are small valves that allow proper blood flow, and by breaking the legs, you increase the pressure on the veins and this makes the normal blood circulation more difficult.

If you sit for more than three hours a day, back pain and improper posture can occur, which in turn causes stiffness of the neck and arms.

Consequences of a long sitting with crossed legs can be tingling and discomfort when walking.

Do not forget to stand up and do some movement every 30 minutes sitting!


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