Weight Loss

Small Tricks That You Should Know To Burn Body Fat

Small dietary changes may seem insignificant to you, but they are exactly the best results. These extraordinary kitchen tricks can lead you to the desired weight.


  1. Eat from a blue dish

You may have noticed that most of the fast food restaurants in the color palette use the most red, yellow and orange colors. That, of course, is with a reason. These colors stimulate appetite and tell you to eat more than you need. The blue color has exactly the opposite effect and reduces appetite.

  1. Eggs for breakfast

A study in 2008 says that if you replace the morning buns with eggs, you can lose up to 65% more of your body weight. Respondents who ate breakfast eggs lost more pounds, a higher percentage of fatty deposits and more centimeters in the waist of the examinees who entered an equal number of baking calories. Scientists believe that the percentage of protein in the eggs has been credited for this, which makes the respondents who ate eggs feel full for a long time.

  1. Relax with the weight tension

Excessive stress slows down the weight loss. The stress hormone – cortisol is “glued” to the fats and does not allow the fat deposits to melt. To reduce cortisol levels, try to relax, and the fastest way to do this is to “disconnect” and breathe deeply for ten minutes.

  1. Enjoy the taste

People who are on a diet often confine themselves to a few groceries that quickly get sick, and then they start eating more of them to be full. Instead of concentrating on the amount, concentrate on the quality of the diet. The first few sprouts always have the most intense taste. If you concentrate on taste, it will help you eat less. Eat four bites, make a break, then go to another type of food.

  1. Immediately after a meal go for a walk

Walking is a great way to regulate your body weight, especially if you go for a walk after a meal. A study from Japan showed that respondents who went for a 30-minute walk after the meal lost more pounds than those who waited an hour before they walked.

  1. Eat sour

Lemon, sour fruits, vinegar … all these products slow down the digestion of the starch and the emptying of the stomach. If you consume it, you will stay for a long time, which will lead to less calories.

  1. Do not forget the Omega-3

Fats found in fish, flax and avocado are better than any energy drinks, and they can also help you lose weight by keeping you feel full for a longer period of time.

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