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Soy Is A Cure, And We Never Revealed It

    Soy food is also recommended for the reduction of high temperature, removal of inflammatory processes and as a balm for sick places.


Soya is an extremely valuable food, which has wide application in the diet. Because of the useful ingredients in folk medicine, it is useful as a remedy for certain health difficulties. It is recommended to reduce high temperature, remove inflammatory processes and as a balm for painful areas.

* The soybean flask is the most efficient. Prepare it so that in five cups of water you will infuse a cup of raw soy and will make it night. In the morning, sow it, add a little flour and put this sticky paste on gauze or slurry paper, with a thickness of 1 cm. Apply to the skin and change as soon as it dries, until the health problem is alleviated.

* Tofu soybean meal can also be prepared in the form of a patch. Effectively reduces high fever, treats second and third degree burns, bruises, spasms and inflammatory processes. Prepare it so that first of a small piece of tofu cheese using a gauze will remove excess water. Then mix the grated tofu cheese with 5 g of grated ginger and a tablespoon of white flour. Mix all the ingredients well and use the resulting mixture in the same way as the soybean flask.

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