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The Spring Green Onion Does Miracles, 3 Powerful Remedies Of The Green Part

Alternative medicine considers the green onion for incredibly valuable and healthy foods that act on the body from inside and from the outside. In addition of helping the cold and reducing high blood pressure, the green onion acts against inflammation in the body, as well as against fungi, stress and fatigue.

  1. Inflammation of the throat

Cut the onions into pieces, and you can also add pre-ginger and salt, that is, put it all together in a cloth or bath towel and heat it. Then wrap it in another cloth or towel and place it on the inflamed place (throat, chest, palms or back).

  1. Swollen feet

Boil the young onions for several minutes. Blend and, if necessary, add some water until it is turned into a paste. From this paste you put on the swollen parts of the leg, and massage it. This recipe has been used for hundreds of years and is quite effective.

  1. Stuffy nose

Scoop the young onion and dip a piece of cotton with its juice, then place it on the nose and the area around the sinuses. The onion will activate the mucous membrane and release your respiratory channels.

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