The Stool Reveals Your Health Status: Here Are The Situations You Need To Urgently Visit A Doctor

The chair, when it is OK, may have a light brown to green, but sometimes colors can indicate a serious problem that should promptly seek medical attention.

Green stool

You can have a green stool if you have eaten a lot of green vegetables, but it may indicate too fast food digestion. It can also mean aniseedness of anise oil or be a nuisance from taking iron as an additive.

White stool

The white stool is caused by an absence of yolk, which is an aftereffect of blockage of the bile channels. For instance, if a stone in the gallbladder hinders the bile conduit, you may have a white stool. This will cause you torment, dim pee, and jaundice.

Yellow stool

Neither the yellow stool is an uncommon event, it is regularly oily and it smells like spoiled eggs. It might be an indication of celiac sickness and anybody with these side effects ought to instantly contact a specialist.

Black stool

Many variables can cause a dark stool. On the off chance that you have devoured a dark sweet treat or a dark lager, the stool might be dark. Be that as it may, it can mean something significantly more genuine. It can be caused by seeping in the upper piece of the stomach related framework, which might be an outcome of a tumor or a ulcer. In the event that the dark shading is caused by dying, the dark stool resembles a tar and smells gravely.

Red stool

If you often fall asleep with beetles, noodles or cranberries, your chair can be red. Also, the red color may be the result of bleeding in the lower part of the digestive system or the sign that you have hemorrhoids.


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