Weight Loss

Food Who Мelts Fat And Forms Muscles

Protein rich in protein assumes a key part in the weight reduction process, in light of the fact that with the disintegration of proteins the body expends more vitality.

Thusly, this mid year, you will build the utilization of these sustenances. Perfect for building muscles and softening fat stores.


A classic source of protein, nutritious and not too burdensome for the budget.


Excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and contains about 20g proteins every 100g.

Forest fruits

Choose your favorite berries and give your body a daily dose of antioxidants that will protect you from numerous diseases.


Nutritional rich in nuts gives the body mono and polysaccharated fat.

Red meat

An excellent source of protein that has a proven positive effect on muscle building. Red meat also contains vitamin B12, zinc, creatine and omega-3 fatty acids.


This green vegetable allows you to lose a few pounds, it is rich in easily degradable fibers, and does not contain much calories.

Oat snowflakes

If you have a problem with an enlarged cholesterol, make sure you have oat flakes. This food gives you a longer feeling of satiety.


Alkaline food that prevents loss of muscle mass, and in addition protects from several types of cancer and heart disease.


Without enough water in your body, every training is unsuccessful. In addition, water helps to regenerate the muscles after hard exercises.

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