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He Survived By Only Eating One Type Of Food

James Smith was celebrated in 2015 after committing that one year he would not eat anything other than white and sweet potatoes. Occasionally it added a sauce of tomato, salt and spices, but only as supplements. He also used vitamin B12, but only breakfasts for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Four times he tested his blood during that year and says his results were normal. He even weakened, claiming that he felt full of energy.

“If you choose to eat only one type of food, choose the potato,” says James

However, it is not good to consume just one type of food.

To survive, we need 20 amino acids, 9 of which are necessary for us, which means that our body can not be created by itself and we have to feed them through the diet, as well as the majority of vitamins and minerals.

James Smith is not the only person who lived using just a potato. By the beginning of the 18th century about a third of the British residents ate only potatoes.

Ordinary white potato contains all the necessary amino acids needed for protein building, cell repair, and the fight against diseases, and you only need five units of this pome per day to enter the required amount.

However, if you use only potato you will be faced with a lack of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, here are the sweet potatoes, which actually belong to a completely different family, but contain in large quantities vitamins of  A and E.

However, no nutritionist would recommend a diet that consists only of potatoes, nor of any other type of food, but you could definitely survive with just one type of diet.

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