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Three-Day Diet With Fish

Diet with fish belongs to the group of the most successful diets, it is easy to hold and guarantees success, and especially suitable for the warm days. It only takes three days, and it can be repeated after a week, depending on how many kilos you want to lose.

Allowed sustenances in this eating regimen are fish, seafood and vegetables that don’t contain sugar, eggs, low-fat cheddar (in a specific sum), certain sorts of organic product (with a lower level of sugar), per bit of basic toast for breakfast.

Enhance your day by day menu with an expansive choice of vegetables that you consolidate with fish and seafood. Fish plates of mixed greens, then again, enhance them with onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, roulas, parsley. When you are parched, appreciate a lemonade of lemon, grapefruit or orange sweetened with a simulated sweetener. On the off chance that you utilize fish jars in pieces, drain the oil well.

Alcohol and juices are also strictly forbidden during a diet. Make porches with a little olive oil and lemon sliced. Turn black pepper on as desired, it’s good to accelerate metabolism.

Day 1:

Breakfast – coffee or tea with artificial sweeteners, juice of two oranges or a grapefruit, one piece of toast and 30 grams of low-fat cheese, 1 boiled egg.

Lunch – 25 grams of grilled fish, grilled vegetables (zucchini, black patlidan), lettuce.

Dinner – 120 grams of tuna (small tin), cooked cauliflower (season with olive oil – it is tasty!) 1 tomato, pickle salad. Or the tuna salad.

2 Day:

Breakfast – coffee or tea with artificial sweeteners, 1 egg boiled, 30 grams of cheese (gentle) 1 piece of toast, lemon juice.

Lunch – 300 grams of roasted fish with vegetables, lettuce (salad) or 200 grams of grilled salmon, plus lettuce.

Dinner – 2 tuna drops, 200 grams of broccoli, 100 grams of carrots, 30 grams of young cheese (unweetened).

3 Day:

Breakfast – 1 hard boiled egg, 1 toast, 30 grams of low-fat cheese, water, black tea or coffee.

Lunch – fish stew, salad from seafood.

Dinner – gerries with grilled vegetables (zucchini, black patlidz, peppers) or 5 pieces of sushi.

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