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Tricks For Getting Slim Used By Ladies In The 1950s

In the 1950s, you could not simply go to the gym and melt the kilograms. But women still managed to stay in shape. HOW?!

Below are the tricks used by ladies in this period. You will be surprised to learn that they did not need a particular effort.

  • Soup

If you really want to lose weight, do not skip breakfast. If you do not know what to eat, cereals and oats are always a good choice. In the 1950s there was no instant oatmeal, so women had to prepare it on their own.

  • Cook home

Today you can climb into the car and easily find a restaurant that offers what you want. In the 1950’s, fast food was not on any menu. While cooking sounds like something that takes a lot of time, it will save you money and calories in this way.

  • Choose a healthy dessert

Desserts exist a long time ago. But unlike today, most desserts in this period were made at home. Although many of the recipes contain sugar and saturated fats, the pie that you make at home is much healthier than the one purchased.

  • Processed food? What is that?

In some ways, processed foods exist for several centuries. Corn syrup used as a sweetener existed in the 1950s. In this period, ladies could buy sweet, chips and colorful cereals. Unhealthy foods existed, but they avoided consuming it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Clean the home regularly

This may be something you least want to do, but cleaning can be your best friend in fighting weight. Cleaning burns calories. Most women in this period did not have a washing machine, so they did it manually. Of course, you do not have to do it, but wiping dust, cleaning floors and climbing stairs several times a day will be of great help.

  • Drive a bike or walk to the store

Since all families had only one car, women often walked or ride a bicycle. Going to the store and returning with full bags happened several times a week. Hiking burns from 120 to 140 calories per hour.

  • Were the women in the 1950’s healthier than today?

It does not have to mean. Fast diets are not something new. For example, a cabbage soup diet was known in the 1950s. Also, women often added more sugar and salt in the food they prepared. Probably during this period fewer saturated fats were consumed than today, but fewer calories were consumed. In every decade there are good and bad weight loss tricks, so you choose the best of this.



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