Two Fat Melting Ingredients: A Recipe That Has Amazed Everyone

On the off chance that you have a raised blood lipid level, we recommend this medicine because it has helped many.

Ingredients required:
  • 3 dried figs
  • 200 ml of apple cider vinegar

Make the medicine at night, and savor it the morning. Take three dry figs, put them well with a toothpick on all sides, and after that place them in a glass bowl in which you put two deciliters of  apple cider vinegar.

Let them stand overnight, and in the morning eat three gnawed figs. Do not throw the rest of the vinegar, but in the same vinegar the next night re-insert three figs prepared in the same way.

Your substance is adequate for seven days. On the eighth day, take two more deciliters of vinegar and rehash the system for one more week.

The procedure for fat removal lasts 14 day

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