“Wake Up” Your Skin Fresh And Rest!

To keep the freshness and softness of the skin and to look restful and shiny every morning, it is very important to protect it before going to bed.

In addition to deleting the make-up and washing your face before bedtime, it’s desirable to get used to a few more tricks for beautiful skin.

Above all, you must buy a night cream that matches your skin type. You must be careful because if you choose the wrong cream, you will get a counter effect. Apply the night cream immediately after removing the make-up and cleansing the face.

The clay masks are ideal for feeding the skin before going to bed. For a healthy appearance of the skin in the morning, apply a clay face mask several times a week before bedtime, wash it and moisten the face with a night cream.

Cotton masks are also great for resting and young skin appearance. You can use them every day, and the best ones are 100% cotton and a high degree of permeability. In addition to facial masks, eye masks will protect you from wakefulness with swollen eyes and swollen eyes. Also, eye masks help in the action of the creams or the products that you apply around your eyes before going to bed.

Finally, the skin most needs vitamin C, which helps in the production of collagen. If you do not consume enough vitamins during the day, drink a vitamin C for a youthful and shiny look in the morning before going to bed.

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