Warning: 7 Groceries That Are The Enemies Of Your Teeth

We all know that desserts cause cavities, and red wine leaves stains on the teeth if we often consume it. But there are other groceries that look harmless, which can harm your teeth and destroy the effectiveness of oral hygiene. We find out what groceries your dentist wants to avoid.

  1. Sunflower seeds

They have a firm outer shell that can damage your teeth when you try to bite it. If you are fond of these healthy snacks, a better option is already peeled seeds.

  1. Cubes of ice

And you should avoid crushing ice cubes with teeth. When you press two crystals with one another, one must crack. Seeds of sunflower and ice cubes can cause damage to the tooth enamel, as it is a hard food. Also, the consumption of quite cold ice may have an adverse effect on the teeth.

  1. Sports drinks

Although these beverages contain electrolytes that help muscles after a workout, do not forget that they are full of sugars. It’s no good to drink some sports drink sometimes, but do not get into a habit.

  1. Water with flavors

Although the tasty water does not have sugar, it contains acids that destroy teeth. Due to additives such as sugar or acids, flavored waters and sports drinks change the pH of the saliva, i.e. they increase acidity, which reduces the resistance of tooth enamel. When all layers of enamel are destroyed, it is unlikely to be renewed. Then the teeth become sensitive to caries, inflammations and infections. It is best to consume plain water.

  1. Dried fruits

Due to its adhesion, dried fruit is longer on the teeth, and the activity of bacteria that decompose sugar increases, as is acidity, and this can result in the formation of caries.

  1. Chips

Foods that contain starch, such as chips, cause cavities. Enzymes in the saliva begin the process of digestion of this food in your mouth by digesting it from carbohydrates in sugars that become food for bacteria in the mouth. Chips can be kept between teeth, or contribute to the development of dental caries. Well, if you occasionally enjoy chips, try after washing to wash your teeth with enough water and use a toothpaste.

  1. Alcohol

Alcohol dries your mouth and thus contributes to the formation of caries. Due to the reduced production of saliva, its washing function is lost, thereby increasing the sensitivity of the teeth and the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. You need to look out for the amount and how often you consume alcohol, as well as the adequate oral hygiene.

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