What Will Happen If You Do Not Eat Meat For A Year?

With regards to nourishment and what is useful for the body, individuals surrender a ton of things for better health: cigarettes, liquor, chocolate and even meat.Read what happens with your body if you do not consume meat products a year.

Weight loss

As per studies and tests at Washington University in the United States, a man who quits    eating meat loses from 4 to 5 pounds of weight.

A lower risk of heart disease

Vegetarian diet reduces pressure and cholesterol, and hence the risk of heart disease.


Studies have discovered that individuals expending distinctive sorts of meat in seven days have 29% more odds of diabetes, than the individuals who don’t eat meat.


The World Health Organization classified the processed meat as carcinogenic, just like radiation and smoking.

A better feeling after exercise

Heavy protein foods such as meat contribute to increased muscle pain after exercise. Release of lactic acid slows recovery and creates muscle pain.

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