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What Will Happen If You Put Garlic In Your Ear?

In addition to being an extremely good spice in eating garlic has many more uses and is good for your health. Garlic cures pain, so put one clove of garlic in your ear whenever you are tired. You may smell, but you will be relaxed.

Garlic warms the body from inside, and it treats swelling, cerebral pains, fever, and soreness in the ear. One clove of garlic in the ear for a minute will start to ease pain. Still careful not to get stuck in your ear. Tenderly and without squeezing.

The mixture of garlic and honey treats the dry cough every two hours. The throat will not hurt you, and the two antiseptics combined will not allow the inflammation to expand.

No one wants to smell his breath, but when you need to choose between health and breath, you better cure cholesterol with two garlic cloves in the morning and take a mastika. Garlic also prevents hypertension, spreads blood vessels and establishes proper circulation.

The gel of garlic or onion oil is a perfect cure against parasitic diseases and the unpalatable smell of the feet. Garlic likewise alleviates torment from joint pain and offers security against hypersensitivities. Along these lines, don’t stress on the off chance that you have a mortal breath, yet be healthy!

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